1-06 Control of Material

1-06.2(1) Samples and Tests for Acceptance

(PUD July 2020)

Section 1-06.2(1) is supplemented as follows:

The Contractor shall coordinate and pay for all testing activities. All required testing of work and/or materials shall be conducted in the presence of a Contracting Agency representative.

The Contractor shall provide 48 hour notification to the Contracting Agency prior to completing Work which requires quality assurance testing. Where applicable, work and materials shall only be buried with the consent of the Engineer.

Where such inspection and testing are to be conducted by an independent laboratory or agency, the sample or samples of material to be tested shall be selected by such laboratory or agency or by the Engineer.

The results from any and all tests are made for the information of the Owner. Regardless of test results, the Contractor is solely responsible for the quality of workmanship and materials and for compliance with the requirements of the Plans and Specifications.

Material sampling for testing may be performed up to and including the point of incorporation of the respective material into the project. Required material testing includes but shall not be limited to the following:

Material Sampling
MaterialTest Goal and TypeMinimum Testing Frequency
Pipe Bedding90% Compaction per AASHTO T 1801 test per 400 LF of trench
Trench Backfill95% Compaction per AASHTO T 180 (crushed agg.); 90% Compaction per AASHTO T 99 (native)2 tests per 200 LF of trench: 1 test at top of trench backfill; and 1 test at 2-foot depth or 1 foot above the pipe zone, whichever is less.
Crushed Surfacing 95% Compaction per AASHTO T 1801 test per 200 LF of trench at top of base rock
Hot Mix Asphalt (for permanent pavement restoration only)92% Compaction per AASHTO T 2091 test per 200 LF of trench for each lift of pavement

1-06.2(2) Statistical Evaluation of Materials for Acceptance

(PUD July 2020)

Section 1-06.2(2) shall not apply to this project.

1-06.6 Recycled Materials

(January 4, 2016 APWA GSP)

Delete this section, including its subsections, and replace it with the following:

The Contractor shall make their best effort to utilize recycled materials in the construction of the project. Approval of such material use shall be as detailed elsewhere in the Standard Specifications.

Prior to Physical Completion, upon request, the Contractor shall report the quantity of recycled materials that were utilized in the construction of the project for each of the items listed in Section 9-03.21. The report shall include hot mix asphalt, recycled concrete aggregate, recycled glass, steel furnace slag and other recycled materials (e.g. utilization of on-site material and aggregates from concrete returned to the supplier). The Contractor’s report shall be provided on DOT form 350-075 Recycled Materials Reporting.