1-10 Temporary Traffic Control

1-10.1(2) Description

(PUD April 2020)

Section 1.10.1(2) is supplemented with the following:

The Contractor shall provide temporary traffic control for all required inspections until the PUD issues physical completion.

1-10.2(2) Traffic Control Plans

(PUD April 2020)

Section 1.10.2(2) is supplemented with the following:

The Contractor’s proposed traffic control plan(s) or any proposed modified plan(s) shall be submitted to the Engineer, and the appropriate agency, for review and approval at least seven (7) calendar days in advance of the time the new plan is to be implemented. No work can commence on the project until the traffic control plans submitted by the Contractor have been approved and all required traffic control devices are in place. All traffic control plans shall conform to Section 1-10.2(3).

Traffic control plans shall at a minimum be site specific, to scale, showing all project details and all details necessary to handle traffic through the construction area. These shall include, but not be limited to, traffic flow, beginning and ending tapers, travel lanes and widths, effects on intersections, signs, flagger locations, duration, location and type of all traffic control devices. In addition, the traffic control plan shall indicate the intended method of informing adjacent properties of any required detour.