2.1 Developer Extension Process

  1. When extension of the existing water system is required for service, the developer shall submit a service request to the PUD. The PUD will then contact the developer to discuss project details and requirements in a timely manner.
  2. Upon completion of the design and tentative approval by the PUD, a pre-construction letter of requirements will be sent to the owner noting requirements to be completed prior to construction. Upon completion of the pre-construction requirements and 48-hours’ notice, a pre-construction meeting will be held with the PUD at which time construction inspection will be scheduled. No water main construction work shall commence prior to the pre-construction meeting. After completion of construction and submittal of required documents and fees, final acceptance will be given by the PUD at which time service will be available by application following payment of fees for water meters.
  3. The owner is required to provide a surety bond for the project for a period of 1 year after acceptance.
  4. Developer extension projects shall be deeded to PUD for maintenance and operation by letter after the 1 year warranty period has expired.