3.16 Water Demand vs. Meter Size

The water meter size shall be determined by the water customer or their designee. Water services shall be sized as required by water demand and on-site fire protection service flow. Service piping 2 inches in diameter and smaller shall be either Municipex (PEX-A) with tracing wire or Type “K” copper. Service piping for water meters 3 inches or larger shall be a minimum of 4 inches and be Class 52 zinc coated ductile iron pipe with V-bio polyethylene encasement or PVC AWWA C900 with tracing wire. No 2 to ½ or 3-inch water service piping shall be allowed.

For water services that require more flow than available through a standard ⅝ inch by ¾ inch residential meter, the water meter size requested should be sized to serve the expected peak and continuous demands. Guidance for the safe maximum operating capacity and the recommended rate for continuous operation can be found in the American Water Works Association Standards, C-700 through C-710. General guidance can be found in the American Water Works Association Manual of Water Supply Practices M22, Sizing Water Service Lines and Meters.

The minimum diameter for a new service pipe is 1 inch. The service pipe shall be reduced at the meter as necessary.