3.5 Water Main Easements

Public water facilities that are not in the public right-of-way must be in an easement dedicated to the PUD. The easement is intended to allow access for maintenance by PUD staff, and to prevent any structures or trees from interfering with the facility or hindering access to it. The easement shall be of a standard form provided by the PUD.

Water facilities that require easements on private property include water mains, fire hydrants, water services to the water meter, and water meters. The easement boundary should generally be near the downstream side of a water meter, or 7.5 feet past the fire hydrant.

Water easements shall be 15 feet wide or greater. Actual required easement width will be determined by the PUD. Shared utility easements with water and one other utility such as storm water shall generally be a minimum of 20 feet wide. Shared utility easements with water and 2 other utilities such as power and storm water shall generally be a minimum of 25 feet wide. Wider easements may be required depending on the depth and size of the utilities or if there are public water mains within 10 feet of a property line. Spike strips and any separations intended to deny access to the water main by adjoining properties shall not be allowed. Easements shall have no structures on them and shall be paved or covered with approved landscaping (not to include trees). Easements for private roads shall include the entire roadway and all water meters. The easement shall be described as such.