9-30 Water Distribution Materials

9-30.1(5)A Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Pipe (4 Inches and Over)

(PUD July 2020)

Supplement this section with the following:

All water main pipe shall be blue in color and have a Dimensional Ratio (DR) of 18 unless otherwise shown on the plans.

All joints shall be restrained through the use of a non-external restraint system. Examples include: internally restrained gasketed joint, spline-lock gasket joint, pin-and-groove gasketed joint, or butt-fusion joint.

9-30.2 Fittings

(PUD July 2020)

Section 9-30.2(1) is supplemented with the following:

All hardware shall be either 316 stainless steel or carbon steel coated in a baked-on, ceramicfilled fluorocarbon resin.

9-30.2(1) Ductile Iron Pipe

Delete this Section and replace it with the following:

1-02.1 Ductile Iron Fittings
(PUD July 2020)
Ductile iron fittings shall meet the requirements of AWWA C110 or AWWA C153. Joints shall meet the requirements of AWWA C111. All fittings shall be epoxy coated and lined with an NSF 61 certified epoxy.

9-30.3(1) Gate Valves (3 to 16 inches)

(PUD April 2020)

Section 9-30.3(1) is supplemented with the following:

Gate valves shall be cast iron body with resilient seats with non-rising stems and operators unless otherwise specified. The valve shall be supplied with a fusion-bonded epoxy coating in accordance with ANSI/AWWA C550.

9-30.3(8) Tapping Sleeve and Valve Assembly

(PUD July 2020)

Delete the last sentence and replace with the following:

Bolted tapping sleeves shall be constructed entirely of stainless steel and shall include a full circumferential seal. Bolted tapping sleeves shall be a Model #432 as manufactured by JCM Industries; Model H-304 as manufactured by Mueller, or approved equal. Hardware for bolted tapping sleeves shall be stainless steel and the nuts shall be coated with a fluoropolymer coating. Welded tapping sleeves shall be carbon steel and shall be coated with wax tape. Wax tape shall be #1 Wax-Tape as manufactured by Trenton Corporation, or approved equal.