Annual Recalculation

  • The PUD recalculates the Equal Pay monthly payment amount every year on the customer’s Equal Pay anniversary date.
  • For most Equal Pay customers, this recalculation is in April or May, but some payments will be recalculated in June or July.
  • Customers should contact the PUD office if they have a question about when the Equal Pay amount will be recalculated.
  • At the time of recalculation, the customer account must be current on Equal Pay payments and have an actual balance of $250 or less, or the customer will be removed from the Equal Pay plan and the entire actual account balance will be due.
  • If the Equal Pay account has been paid in advance or has received energy assistance at the time of the recalculation, any credit on the Equal Pay balance will be configured into the new Equal Pay amount, and will no longer show a credit.