Building Materials – 2nd Priority

  • Eaves and Soffits: Reduce the size and number of embers that pass through vents in the eaves by covering them with a ⅛ inch metal mesh screening. Inspect soffit vents and maintain as needed.
  • Crawl spaces: Remove combustible materials and install ⅛ inch mesh screening on vents.
  • Foundation: All foundation vents should have a ⅛ inch corrosion-resistant metal screening.
  • Garages: Weather seal the perimeter of garage doors to help keep embers out. Be sure the door is tight fitting so embers can’t slide under the door or in from the sides. If possible, choose a metal or wood core door with metal exterior.
  • Sliding glass door: Choose double-pane tempered glass. Consider fireproof shutters to protect large windows and glass doors from radiant heat.