Customer Wiring & Equipment

  • The Point of Delivery shall, unless otherwise designated by Special Contract, denote the transition from District-owned to Customer-owned facilities. The customer is solely responsible for the maintenance and repair of all customer-owned facilities.
  • Skamania PUD has the right, but is not required, to inspect any customer’s electrical installation before service is supplied or at any later time including the right to require an inspection of the customer’s facilities by the appropriate electrical inspecting authority after a service has been disconnected. The District will not make permanent connection to any service which has not been approved for connection by State, County or City electrical inspection agencies. These agencies assure compliance with applicable codes and accepted standards of construction. In addition, Skamania PUD will not connect services that do not conform to this policy or other applicable District policies, or which, in the opinion of the District, is unsafe. Any inspection by Skamania PUD is for the purpose of determining whether the Customer’s electrical system meets the requirements for providing service to Customer and should not be considered a substitute for Customer’s need to consult an appropriate electrical system expert with respect to Customer’s own system.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to operate service equipment using qualified and authorized personnel, and to adequately maintain their equipment to assure proper working order. Skamania PUD is not liable or responsible for any loss, injury or damage resulting from any failures in the customer’s installation or equipment or from accidents which may occur on the customer’s premises.
  • During routine maintenance activities, Skamania PUD may disconnect service to facilitate safe and efficient system work. To the extent practical, such outages will be scheduled and customers will be notified in advance. During these outage times, customers are expected to protect their electrical equipment, from possible damage. If any such damage occurs, the District will not be liable for any costs of replacement or repair.
  • Skamania PUD strives to provide reliable and consistent service. However, it is recognized that, from time to time, conditions beyond the control of the District may cause service interruptions or voltage, current or frequency deviations to occur. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide adequate protection for their connected equipment, process, or product to prevent damage or loss in the event of interruptions or irregularities. In such instances, Skamania PUD is not liable for damages or losses that may occur.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to notify Skamania PUD, in advance, of added electrical load or change in operation. Significant damage may result to District equipment from unanticipated added load. The cost of any such damage will be the responsibility of the customer.
  • Electrical equipment on the customer’s premises shall be installed and operated in a manner that does not interfere with the District’s delivery system or affect the quality of electric service to other customers. When such conditions occur, the customer causing the condition shall be responsible for providing and installing corrective equipment as determined by the District. Skamania PUD, at its discretion, may take corrective measures at the expense of the customer or may terminate service.