Equal Pay


Skamania PUD offers an Equal Pay plan (formally called the Budget Payment plan) to residential customers who have had an account with us at the same residence for at least one year, and who have a zero balance at the time they wish to enroll in the Equal Pay plan.


The Equal Pay enrollment period is from April to July depending on what area the service address is in.

Payment Calculation

Customers who are on Equal Pay receive a bill every month in the same amount. The amount is based on consumption during the past year then divided into 12 equal payments for the upcoming year.

The monthly payments made on the account in the summer and fall are intended to help establish a credit balance, leading into the higher-usage winter months. At the end of the 12 months, the goal is for the account balance to be zero.

Annual Recalculation

The PUD recalculates the Equal Pay amount every year on the customer’s Equal Pay anniversary date. Customers should contact the PUD office if they have a question about when the Equal Pay amount will be recalculated. At the time of recalculation, the customer account must be current on Equal Pay payments and have an actual balance of $250 or less, or the customer will be removed from the Equal Pay plan and the entire actual account balance will be due. If the Equal Pay account has been paid in advance or has received energy assistance at the time of the recalculation, any credit on the Equal Pay balance will be configured into the new Equal Pay amount and will no longer show a credit.

Making Payments

While on the Equal Pay plan, it is important that payments are made every month. Even if there is a credit account balance, payments need to be made on time or late fees will accrue. Delinquent Equal Pay accounts that are in disconnection status are subject to removal from the

Equal Pay plan. Upon removal from the Equal Pay plan, the entire actual account balance will be due.

Monitor Usage

Because the Equal Pay plan is based off last year’s usage and not current usage, customers should monitor their actual account balance to make sure the Equal Pay payments are neither significantly higher or lower than the current usage. Customers should contact Customer Service with any questions or concerns regarding their account.

Reserved Rights/ Disclaimer

Skamania PUD reserves the right to recalculate an Equal Pay amount during the year if it determines the Equal Pay payments to be significantly out of line with the account’s usage, changing policy or other unforeseen circumstances.