Equipment Clearances

Underground electrical facilities must be readily accessible by the utility during construction and for future operation and maintenance. To ensure readily accessible equipment the utilities requires:

  • Minimum of 10 feet of clear, level, working space is required on all 4 sides of a pad-mounted transformer. This allows utility personnel enough room to perform transformer switching (rerouting of high voltage power) and maintenance.
  • No structure can be within 10 feet of any PUD equipment.
  • Landscaping, fences and other obstructions must not encroach on these clearances. The table and illustrations below provide additional safety clearances that might be installed near pad-mounted equipment.

Combustible walls or roof10 feet
Non-combustible walls or roof10 feet
Fire sprinkler valves, standpipes and fire hydrants6 feet
Doors, windows, vents, fire escapes and other building openings10 feet
The water’s edge of a swimming pool or any body of water25 feet
Facilities used to store hazardous liquids or gases (e.g. fuel storage tank or fueling points)10 feet
Sewer Line (in parallel) or Drainage Field (for PUD equipment and underground lines)15 feet
Gas service meters15 feet

Transformer residential equipment clearance