General Conditions of Service

In addition to those customer obligations and conditions set forth in District policy or law elsewhere, the District may condition service to any customer based on the terms of this section. The District may deny or discontinue service without recourse to Customer if:

  • A request by any federal, state, or local agency is made to cease service to a Skamania PUD customer whose use violates applicable law.
  • A court order directs Skamania PUD to discontinue service to a customer.
  • A written request, demand, threat of prosecution or actual prosecution is made or initiated against Skamania PUD, its officials, employees, agents or assigns for delivery of service to a customer whose use of the service violates the law.
  • The customer fails to maintain possession of a valid and lawfully issued license by the state of Washington required for the customer to engage in any activity which may be lawful under state law, but constitutes a violation of federal law.
  • Any other legal authority that requires the District to deny or discontinue service.