Homes & Their Surrounding Area Are Vulnerable to 3 Potential Types of Ignition Sources

  • Ember Attacks (A/K/A Firebrands): Burning pieces of airborne wood and/or vegetation that can be carried more than a mile through the wind can cause spot fires and ignite homes, debris and other objects. They can also penetrate and smolder in woodpiles, patio/deck items, vents and openings, roofs and debris filled gutters. Most home losses in a wildfire are from embers, not by direct contact with flames.
  • Surface Fires: Typically small flames burning through grass and ground litter. They can reach houses or attachments if there’s no interruption in the types of fuel sources. Flames touching a house, fence or deck can cause them to ignite.
  • Crown Fire: Large flames burning in the tops or canopies of trees. These large flames radiate heat that can ignite wood walls from up to 100’ away. Other types of large flames can come from detached buildings, burning wood piles and ignited vehicles.