Meter Base Location

The location of the meter base must meet the following requirements:

  • Located on the outside of a permanent fixed structure.
  • Located on private property owned by the customer, outside of public right-of-way and any neighboring utility easements.
  • Not allowed in areas subject to being enclosed or fenced in (patios, decks, porches, breezeways).
  • On the front ⅓ of your home closest to normal public access.
  • In an area that will allow for unrestricted access by District personnel for reading, testing and disconnecting in emergency situations.
  • In an area not subject to damage from vehicles.
  • Must be located between 5 feet and 6 feet above finish grade with a ringed meter base cover (ringless will not be accepted).
  • Be at least 36 inches from any gas meter.
  • Clear working space of 3 feet deep in front of the meter is to be maintained and kept clear of obstructions including landscaping, desks, air conditioners, etc.
  • 20 inch minimum horizontal and vertical clearance must be maintained between the center of any meter and any obstruction.
  • Structures over the top of underground conduit and wire will not be allowed.

Preferred meter base locations