Meters & Metering

Skamania PUD will install, own, and maintain all meters and other equipment necessary for measuring the electric energy or water consumption used by the customer under the District’s applicable rate schedules. The customer is responsible to furnish, install and maintain metering enclosures where required by the District.

Demand meters may be installed on any electric service when the nature of the customer’s equipment and operation indicates that a demand meter is required for correct application of the District’s Rate Schedules.

The installation of additional meters, beyond or in addition to Skamania PUD’s meter(s), are generally provided, installed, owned, and maintained by the customer but must be approved by the District.

The builder or owner of a multiple unit complex must permanently and accurately number and maintain the markings of meter bases or panel covers and the corresponding building units. Until there is full compliance, the accounts will remain in the owner’s name. The owner must notify the District, in writing and in advance, of any change in unit numbering. Any billing discrepancy due to inaccurate numbering of meter bases or panels and corresponding building units will be the responsibility of the owner.