PUD & Customer Responsibilites

Skamania County PUD responsibilities:

  • Complete a site visit and follow-up with a fee estimate.
  • Determine if any easements/Right of Way (ROW) permits are required.
  • Supply and install the primary and secondary electrical facilities (including conduit and wire) and meter.
  • Certify that the customer supplied meter base and trench meet PUD specifications prior to service being connected.
  • Create monthly billing account. After the meter has been set, customer will be charged a minimum monthly fee regardless of usage.
  • Once the line extension is energized, Skamania PUD takes over ownership and is responsible for repairing and maintaining the electric facilities up to the service entrance equipment.

Customer responsibilities:

  • Obtaining necessary permits and land use approval (if applicable). Meters attached to a structure will require proof of a building permit prior to energizing service.
  • Contact telephone, gas, water and cable TV companies to coordinate installation of utilities for a shared trench.
  • Call 811 (Call Before You Dig) at least 2 days prior to any digging to have all underground utilities located.
  • Obtain an Electrical Permit through the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries and an electrical inspection approval.
  • Pre-pay all line extension fees.
  • Provide, install and maintain the meter base. This includes the PVC conduit and a 36-inch radius sweep that will be pointed in the direction of the trench.
  • Keeping the meter base accessible to PUD personnel.
  • Provide all trenching and backfill per PUD standard drawing.
  • Maintaining electrical equipment safety clearances all electrical equipment.