Rental Properties

Owners of rental property have the option to enter into Skamania PUD’s Landlord Agreement and list all applicable properties.

Landlords that agree to leave power on between tenants will be responsible for usage, basic charge, and any associated taxes per the applicable Rate Schedule, during periods of non-tenancy until Skamania PUD is notified of a change and has had a reasonable opportunity to process the change.

Owners of rental property will be required to pay past due balances they have incurred for any of their rental properties before power will be transferred into their name.

Skamania PUD reserves the right to revoke a Landlord Agreement and disconnect service, should the Owner/Landlord fail to pay any account balances for any rental property in a timely manner or is out of compliance with the Customer Service Policy.

Rental properties where cross wiring exists will be transferred from the tenant’s name into the Landlord’s name. Service will remain in the Landlord’s name until sufficient proof is provided to Skamania PUD that the cross wiring has been corrected.