Returned or NSF Payments

Fees & Customers Responsibilities

A returned or Non-sufficient fund (NSF) check or ACH payment received by the District will result in a fee of $35 charged to the customer’s account. The individual will be notified of the returned or NSF check or ACH payment and of the redemption procedure required.

Returned or NSF Payments on Delinquent Accounts

In the event a returned check or ACH payment made on a delinquent account to avoid disconnect for nonpayment, electrical service will be disconnected without further notice and will result in a fee of $75 to be paid in full along with the past due amount on the account.

Returned or NSF Payments on Current Accounts

In the event an NSF payment is for current charges the NSF fee will be applied to the account and payment will be required within 2 business days. Any additional NSF payments from said customer within 12 months will result in the account status being changed to “cash only”. Notification to Customer of an existing debt and possible assignment to a collection agency will be attempted at least 30 days prior to the transfer.