Section 1 – Purpose & Scope

  1. The purpose of this document is to establish rules for determining the terms, conditions, technical requirements, processes and charges governing the interconnection of electric generating facilities with a nameplate rating of no greater than 100 Kilowatt (kW) to the electric distribution system over which Skamania County Public Utility District (PUD) has jurisdiction.
  2. These rules govern the terms and conditions under which the applicant's generating facility will interconnect with, and operate in parallel with, the Utility’s electric system. These rules apply only to the physical interconnection of a generating facility to the Utility’s electrical system. They do not govern, or grant the right to sell or purchase, or deliver any power generated by the applicant's generating facility.
  3. The specifications and requirements in these rules are intended to mitigate possible adverse impacts caused by a generating facility on Utility equipment and personnel and on other customers of the Utility. They are not intended to address protection of the Interconnection Customer’s generating facility, facility personnel, or internal load. It is the responsibility of the Interconnection Customer to comply with the requirements of all appropriate standards, codes, statutes and authorities to protect its own facilities, personnel, and loads.