Security Deposits

Skamania PUD reserves the right to require deposits and/or modify deposit amounts and requirements at its discretion to guarantee payment of bills by the Customer.

Security Deposits are calculated as the highest bill for the service address during the most recent 24month period of active service. The minimum deposit is $300.

A security deposit will be required on new accounts if any of the below criteria applies:

  • Skamania PUD is unable to verify sufficient and acceptable credit information.
  • A previous unpaid balance is owed, or a previous account was sent to a collection agency. The previous balance and deposit must be paid in full before service connection.
  • 3 Disconnect Notices have been processed and mailed out within the last 24-month period on a previous account.
  • A history of tampering with Skamania PUD meters or infrastructure exists.
  • A history of NSF or fraudulent payments with Skamania PUD.
  • Other circumstances determined by Skamania PUD to be necessary to ensure payment on the Customer’s account.

Deposits are held for a minimum of 24 months. Upon established timely payment history, defined as no more than 3 Disconnect Notices processed and mailed out within the last 24-month period, the deposit will be applied to the Customer’s account. If the Customer discontinues service with Skamania PUD, the deposit will be applied to the outstanding balance and the remaining amount will be refunded within 45 days of termination. Security Deposits do not accrue interest.

Non-Residential Customers

  • Security deposits for non-residential customers are held for the duration the account is active.

Exceptions for Residential Customers

  • New service applicants with a credit report deemed acceptable by Skamania PUD will not be required to make a security deposit.
  • Customers that have had a past account with Skamania PUD with good payment history within the past 24-months will not be required to make a security deposit.

Earned Deposits

Per WAC 480-100-113 the District may collect a deposit on a current account if:

  • At any time during a 12-month period the utility has processed and mailed out three or more delinquent notices on a customer’s account. An additional earned deposit will be calculated as the difference between the current deposit on file and the highest bill within the past 24 months.
  • The services have been disconnected for non-payment.
  • There is a previous customer living at a residence that currently owes on a past-due account for that service address or meter (or other infrastructure) tampering occurs at the service address.

Per WAC 480-100-113, should the customer be unable to pay the required deposit in full at the time of connection, the District will accept 50% of the required deposit at the time of connection and the remaining balance over no more than the next 2 months, on dates that are mutually agreed upon between the District and the customer. Failure to pay the remainder of the deposit by the due date on the payment arrangement will result in a disruption in service and additional charges applied to the account.

Transfer of Deposit

At the time of account transfer to a different service address, an additional deposit may be required if the historical usage at the new location exceeds that of the deposit currently on file. The additional deposit is calculated as the difference between the current deposit and the deposit required at the new location.