Single Family Residential Electric Service

A single-family residence is a structure that is:

  • Located on a lot zoned for residential use.
  • Approved for occupancy as a permanent, single-family residence by the local governing agency or agencies.

A mobile or manufactured home is considered a single-family residence that also includes the following:

  • Is permanently located on a foundation.
  • Has all wheels and axles removed.
  • Meets all other requirements of a manufactured home placement permit as required by the local governing agency or agencies.

An outbuilding is a stand-alone structure that is located on residential property and is not a living space. Typical outbuildings include:

  • Barns (agricultural buildings)
  • Pump houses
  • Garages
  • Shops/storage sheds

All new single-family residences, manufactured homes and outbuildings must meet the specifications in this handbook, Washington Department of Labor and Industries and the National Electric Code (NEC).