Underground Services

To ensure power reliability, all new underground service entrances must be within 200 feet of a transformer. If service entrance equipment is greater than 200 feet, the PUD will have to install a transformer at customer’s expense. The most common service entrance equipment are surface mounted and stand alone.

Surface Mounted Equipment

  • Service entrance equipment can only be surface-mounted, flush mounted equipment (where the conduit is in the foundation) is not acceptable.
  • Service equipment maintenance remains the customer’s responsibility.
  • Meter base, PVC and 90º sweep must be secured to a structure prior to service being energized

Stand Alone Meter Post

Services to homes where the meter is on a post are customer-owned and maintained from the service disconnect to the structure. When installing an underground service not attached to a structure, refer to the following general specification and contact the local governing body for additional NEC requirements.

  • Meter base and PVC conduit shall be securely attached and mounted on a unistrut with steel structure that is encased in concrete, wooden meter post will not be accepted.
  • Have a 4-wire feed behind the meter that supplies the structure.
  • The service main must be located within 30 feet of the manufactured home but not attached to the structure (only factory-installed meter bases can be attached to manufactured homes).

Stand alone meter post diagram

See table below for size of conduit required for the PVC and 90º sweep on the Line Side of the service entrance.

Service SizeMinimum Service Entrance Conduit Requirement
100 amps or less2 ½ inch, gray, schedule 40, PVC
101 to 200 amps3 inch, gray, schedule 40, PVC
201 to 400 amps3 inch, gray, schedule 40, PVC
Over 400 ampsPUD personnel will give guidance about conduit size for service entrance

Note: Exposed conduit from final grade to the bottom of the meter base is referred to as the service entrance conduit.

Other Types of Service Configurations

The following meter base configurations are no longer acceptable, no new customer equipment (i.e. meter base, riser, etc.) can be attached to a PUD pole. Any service requests that include modifying/altering customer equipment will result in customers requiring to install a stand alone meter base.