Step 6

Utility installs the Net Meter and Production Meter.

Step 5

Receive approved inspections from Washington State L&I.

Step 4

Complete the installation of the electric generating system, meter base(s) and meter socket(s).

Step 2

Receive design approval from Skamania PUD.

Step 1
  • Submit application, Agreements and Application Fee to Skamania PUD:
    • Completed and signed Net Metering Interconnection Application and Agreement
    • Signed Net Metering Interconnection Agreement
    • Electrical schematic drawing
    • Site plan with proposed meter location(s)
    • Provisions for a Visible-break Lockable Disconnect, if required
    • Manufacturer cut sheets (solar panels, inverters, etc.)
    • Non-refundable application fee: Tier 1 - $200 Tier 2 - $200 + $10 per kW over 25 kW (maximum of $950)
  • Send the above listed documents to: