Customer Service Policy

Application for Service

Application for Service may be completed over the phone or in person at Skamania PUD’s main office at 1492 Wind River Rd, Carson, WA

Upon acceptance by Skamania PUD, the application shall constitute a contract between Skamania PUD and the Applicant(s).

The following conditions apply:

  • Only end-use consumers may apply for utility service; however, Skamania PUD may make exceptions at its sole discretion. Any exceptions must be authorized by Skamania PUD in writing.
  • By acceptance and use of service, the Customer is subject to compliance with all Skamania PUD Policies and Procedures.
  • The Customer is responsible for the payment of any unpaid balance. Skamania PUD reserves the right to terminate any service connection due to unresolved debt.
  • The Customer is responsible for notifying Skamania PUD of a change in occupancy or responsibility for payment of service and is responsible for all services supplied to the premises until such notice has been received and processed by Skamania PUD.
  • Skamania PUD may require valid proof of Customer’s right to occupy the residence prior to providing power, which may include a valid rental or lease agreement or property deed.
  • Skamania PUD may disconnect service upon receipt of a Judgment for Unlawful Detainer from a landlord pursuant to RCW 59.12

Skamania PUD offers an Equal Pay plan (formally called the Budget Payment plan) to residential customers who have had an account with us at the same residence for at least 1 year, and who have a zero balance at the time they wish to enroll in the Equal Pay plan.

Upon the Customer’s failure to pay any account balances when due, or for noncompliance with Skamania PUD’s Policies, Skamania PUD has the right to terminate service until all sums due have been paid and/or any non-compliance with Skamania PUD’s Policies have been corrected.

Disclaimer of Liability

Neither the District nor any officer, employee, agent, consultant, attorney, official, custodian, or anyone else acting on behalf of the District shall be liable, nor shall a cause of action exist, for any loss or damage based upon a release of Public Records if the person releasing the records acted in good faith in attempting to comply with this policy.

This policy is not intended to expand or restrict the rights of disclosure or privacy as they exist under state and federal law. Despite the use of any mandatory terms such as “shall,” nothing in this policy is intended to impose mandatory duties on the District beyond those imposed by state and federal law.

By adopting certain sections of WAC 480-100, Skamania PUD does not intend that it be subject to any laws or rules for electric utilities as defined in WAC 480-100-023.

Privacy Policy & Disclosures


The District respects the right to privacy of our Customers. Information contained in a residential billing file that is personal in nature, such as name, address, phone number, and email will not be disclosed except as defined in RCW 42.56.330.

Disclosure of Private Information

In accordance with WAC 480-100-153 the District will not disclose or sell private consumer information including the customer’s name, address, telephone number and any other identifying information. The District will not release account information including usage and payment history to any third party without the written consent of the primary applicant, spouse or secondary applicant on the account.

Disclosure of Commercial Information

In accordance with RCW 80.04.095, notice will be provided to any commercial customer affected by a public records request under 42.56 RCW. This includes records requests for customer specific usage, financial information, costs, or design information. Under RCW 80.04.095, the affected person must respond to the initial notice within 10 days with a superior court order protecting the records as confidential.

Identity Theft Prevention Program

Skamania PUD maintains an Identity Theft Prevention Program to detect, prevent and mitigate identity theft. The Program shall include procedures to detect red flags and prevent identity theft through appropriate responses to Red Flags.

Conditional Duty to Serve

The District shall have no duty to serve any customer in the event of a violation of said customer’s obligations outlined in this Policy, or other reasonable conditions of service imposed by the District.

Right of Access

As a condition of providing electric and water service, Skamania PUD shall be granted all necessary permission, rights-of-way and easements over, under, and through Customer’s property and the District or its agents shall have the right to enter upon the Customer's property as reasonably required for the purposes of: reading, testing, maintaining or repairing meters; trimming trees or removing vegetation near District equipment; inspecting, removing or replacing District equipment; and any other activity necessary to protect Customers or the Public from damage or harm. If any District property is located within a locked enclosure or behind a locked gate, Customer shall enable access upon request, and the District may use reasonable means necessary to access such equipment. Service may be disconnected if the Customer does not remove upon request by the District any obstructions that are discovered after services have been connected.

Unsafe Conditions

If Skamania PUD finds an unsafe condition of the Customers electrical equipment, which could result in injury or damage to a person or property, the District, without prior notice, may disconnect the service without recourse to Customer until corrections are made and approved by the appropriate electrical inspecting authority.

Customer Equipment Failure & Restoration

If an outage occurs because of failure of the customer’s equipment, and such failure is determined to be resulting from negligence of the customer, a reconnection fee may be charged by the District in an amount appropriate to the circumstances and reflecting the applicable costs to the District. An inspection of the customer’s facilities by the appropriate inspecting authority will be required prior to restoration of service.

Meters & Metering

Skamania PUD will install, own, and maintain all meters and other equipment necessary for measuring the electric energy or water consumption used by the customer under the District’s applicable rate schedules. The customer is responsible to furnish, install and maintain metering enclosures where required by the District.

Demand meters may be installed on any electric service when the nature of the customer’s equipment and operation indicates that a demand meter is required for correct application of the District’s Rate Schedules.

The installation of additional meters, beyond or in addition to Skamania PUD’s meter(s), are generally provided, installed, owned, and maintained by the customer but must be approved by the District.

The builder or owner of a multiple unit complex must permanently and accurately number and maintain the markings of meter bases or panel covers and the corresponding building units. Until there is full compliance, the accounts will remain in the owner’s name. The owner must notify the District, in writing and in advance, of any change in unit numbering. Any billing discrepancy due to inaccurate numbering of meter bases or panels and corresponding building units will be the responsibility of the owner.

Customer Wiring & Equipment
  • The Point of Delivery shall, unless otherwise designated by Special Contract, denote the transition from District-owned to Customer-owned facilities. The customer is solely responsible for the maintenance and repair of all customer-owned facilities.
  • Skamania PUD has the right, but is not required, to inspect any customer’s electrical installation before service is supplied or at any later time including the right to require an inspection of the customer’s facilities by the appropriate electrical inspecting authority after a service has been disconnected. The District will not make permanent connection to any service which has not been approved for connection by State, County or City electrical inspection agencies. These agencies assure compliance with applicable codes and accepted standards of construction. In addition, Skamania PUD will not connect services that do not conform to this policy or other applicable District policies, or which, in the opinion of the District, is unsafe. Any inspection by Skamania PUD is for the purpose of determining whether the Customer’s electrical system meets the requirements for providing service to Customer and should not be considered a substitute for Customer’s need to consult an appropriate electrical system expert with respect to Customer’s own system.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to operate service equipment using qualified and authorized personnel, and to adequately maintain their equipment to assure proper working order. Skamania PUD is not liable or responsible for any loss, injury or damage resulting from any failures in the customer’s installation or equipment or from accidents which may occur on the customer’s premises.
  • During routine maintenance activities, Skamania PUD may disconnect service to facilitate safe and efficient system work. To the extent practical, such outages will be scheduled and customers will be notified in advance. During these outage times, customers are expected to protect their electrical equipment, from possible damage. If any such damage occurs, the District will not be liable for any costs of replacement or repair.
  • Skamania PUD strives to provide reliable and consistent service. However, it is recognized that, from time to time, conditions beyond the control of the District may cause service interruptions or voltage, current or frequency deviations to occur. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide adequate protection for their connected equipment, process, or product to prevent damage or loss in the event of interruptions or irregularities. In such instances, Skamania PUD is not liable for damages or losses that may occur.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to notify Skamania PUD, in advance, of added electrical load or change in operation. Significant damage may result to District equipment from unanticipated added load. The cost of any such damage will be the responsibility of the customer.
  • Electrical equipment on the customer’s premises shall be installed and operated in a manner that does not interfere with the District’s delivery system or affect the quality of electric service to other customers. When such conditions occur, the customer causing the condition shall be responsible for providing and installing corrective equipment as determined by the District. Skamania PUD, at its discretion, may take corrective measures at the expense of the customer or may terminate service.
Customer Responsibility for District Property
  • The Customer will exercise care and take precautions to prevent damage to any District property located on the Customer’s premises, including meters, instruments, transformers, services, and any other equipment installed and owned by Skamania PUD.
  • All such equipment shall remain the property of the District and may be removed at the discretion of the District.
  • In the event Skamania PUD property is damaged because of customer negligence, the customer will pay the cost of repairs or replacement.
  • No unauthorized person will make any connections to the District’s circuits for any purpose and any such act shall be subject to prosecution under the law.
  • According to state law (RCW 70.54.090), it is unlawful to attach to any District poles, advertising signs, posters, or similar objects, which obstruct access or present a hazard to electrical workers. Further, no attachment to any District property is permitted without the express written consent of the District.
  • Skamania PUD will seek prosecution for theft of power, destruction of District property and other violations of law affecting delivery of its services and will pursue collection for its losses, damages and costs related to such action to the fullest extent provided by law.
  • The customer shall not plant trees or other vegetation, nor construct or locate any permanent structure that will interfere with the operation and maintenance of the District's facilities.
  • Skamania PUD maintains line/vegetation clearance within a 10 foot lateral distance from District poles for operational purposes only. From that 10 foot lateral distance customers are responsible for maintaining tree and vegetation clearance near the overhead service line on their property to the service entrance of the home, building or structure. Customers are not allowed to be within or use tools within 10 feet of energized conductors. Therefore, the District will disconnect, at no charge, the service line while such work is being performed to facilitate the work.
  • Customers must give 48 hours-notice during normal business hours for the service line to be disconnected. Customer shall have no recourse against the District for District’s removal of any tree or other vegetation within the 10 foot lateral distance clearance if the District has provided Customer reasonable notice and opportunity to remove such obstructions prior to taking action. The PUD clearance is strictly for the District’s operational purposes and does not relieve the property owner of the responsibility to safely maintain their property.
  • The customer shall not engage in any activity, either grading or filling, which significantly increases or decreases the depth below the surface of any underground District facilities or the clearance above the surface to overhead District facilities. The customer may be required to remove any obstruction without undue delay or to pay the District’s cost of relocating the electric or water facilities. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in termination of service to the customer.
  • If any such planting, construction, or grading over or under District facilities should occur without the District’s expressed written consent, the customer assumes all liability and responsibility for any damage or injury, which may occur as a result.
  • Pursuant to state law (RCW 19.122), a customer is required to provide notice to the District via the Northwest Utility Notification Center (811) prior to any excavation unless exempted. The District will send out locators who will come to your dig site to mark the approximate location of the District’s buried utilities with paint or flags so that you can avoid them. Call 811 for more information.