Joint Use Facilities

Joint use describes a group of utilities that share pole space or trenches in an effort to keep installation and maintenance costs lower for the customer.

  • Customer may place telephone or cable television facilities in a joint trench with electric service conductors, providing the installation meets the requirements of Skamania County PUD.
  • Septic/Sewer lines and drainage fields are not allowed in a joint trench.

Whenever an existing Skamania PUD power pole is replaced or an overhead service is converted to underground and the pole has joint users attached, the pole will be abandoned to the remaining joint user on that pole. The PUD has no authority to remove or relocate other utilities on the pole. It is the customer’s responsibility to contact all joint use utilities for conversion of their services and to coordinate the removal of pole(s) prior to the beginning of the project.

Does My Drinking Water Contain Fluoride?

The Skamania PUD does not add fluoride to the Carson or Underwood drinking water. Some fluoride compounds, such as sodium fluoride and fluorosilicates, dissolve easily into ground water as it moves through gaps and pore spaces between rocks. Most water supplies contain some naturally occurring fluoride. Fluoride can also enter drinking water in discharge from fertilizer or aluminum factories.