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Planned Power Outages for August & September

Skamania PUD has three planned night outages. Click here for more information.



Outage #1

Date/Time: Saturday Aug. 18th 11:55pm to Sunday Aug. 19th at 6am

Affected areas: Carson, Stabler, Home Valley

Outage #2

Date/Time: Saturday Aug. 25th 11:55pm to Sunday Aug. 26th at 9am

Affected areas*: Carson, Stabler, Home Valley, Mill A, Underwood

*Additionally, North Bonneville and Stevenson will be out of power for approximately 5 minutes at the beginning and ending of the overall outage due to BPA switching protocols at the Stevenson feed.

Outage #3

Date/Time: Saturday Sept. 15th 11:55pm to Sunday Sept. 16th at 4am

Affected areas: Carson, Stabler, Home Valley



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Manager’s Message February/March

Remodeling? Building a new home or purchasing a manufactured home? Replacing appliances or lighting? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, are you aware that there are likely energy efficiency rebates available to you through the PUD?

The Source: The Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) funds an energy efficiency (EE) program where they establish a bi-annual budget for each of their customers to accomplish approved energy efficiency projects. BPA’s EE program is funded by the rates they collect from their wholesale electric customers. The PUD Board of Commissioners has elected to pass all of the PUD’s EE Incentive budget on to you, our customers. Since the PUD is predominantly a residential service provider, the Board has allocated 85% of the budget for residential EE projects and 15% for commercial and industrial EE projects. The PUD utilizes the expertise of Efficiency Services Group (ESG) to administer the local EE program.

What qualifies for EE rebates?

· Insulation – attic, floor and wall · LED lamps and fixtures
· Exterior window and door replacement · Clothes washer
· Ducted and ductless heat pumps · Heat pump water heaters
· Duct sealing · New manufactured homes

How do I take advantage of the program? Before you start your project or make your purchase, it is important to be sure your project qualifies for an EE rebate. For some items, that is a simple as comparing the product specifications to the PUD rebate schedule to verify the minimum EE requirements are met for that product. Following your purchase, complete and submit the appropriate rebate form. Other projects like insulation replacement or upgrade will require a project pre-audit to determine the available rebate. When the work is complete, a post-inspection is done to verify the project scope was accomplished. ESG completes these project audits and inspections at no cost to you.

Want more information? You can find more information on the Conservation tab of the PUD website, at https://www.skamaniapud.com/conservation/ . There you will find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ), the rebate schedule specifying all available rebates, and contact information so you can get your specific questions answered.

Please take advantage of the PUD’s Energy Efficiency program. You can reduce the cost of your project, reduce your PUD power bill, and conserve the natural resources used to generate the electricity you use.

Brent Bischoff General Manager