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Carson, Washington 98610

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Carson Water Precautionary Boil Water Order

Carson Water Outage Update 9:00 AM May 11, 2015:
On the morning of May 10, 2015, the PUD experienced a break in the water main on Metzger Road in Carson, WA. The PUD received the first report of the trouble at about 8:30am. In order to isolate the break and make the repair, the water system south of Rakestraw Road was shut off and depressurized. The repair was complete by about 1:00pm and the system was restored to operation by about 3:00pm. Because the system was depressurized, the PUD is required by the Washington State Department of Health to issue a precautionary boil water order until water samples are drawn and tested. Water samples are being taken Monday morning and delivered to the lab for testing. Test results are expected by noon on Tuesday. Assuming the test results show no contamination in the water system, the boil water order will be lifted. The PUD does not expect any contamination entered the system; the boil water order is a precaution since it was possible for contamination to enter the system when it was depressurized. This effects only PUD customers in Carson, WA.