P.O. Box 500
1492 Wind River Hwy
Carson, Washington 98610

Pay by Phone (Available 24-hours): 877-885-7968
Phone: 509-427-5126
Toll-Free 800-922-5329

Pay Your Bill

General Information


  • We use Online Utility Exchange to verify your identity and aid in the deposit decision. Since electricity and water are used before they are billed, we require new customers to possess good credit as determined by Online Utility Exchange, or have a deposit on their account. Deposit amounts are calculated on the past usage of previous customers at that location, and are refunded after a two-year good payment record, or against your final bill.
  • Residential and small commercial customers are billed bi-monthly, while our larger commercial customers are billed monthly.

Your bill should be paid within 14 days of the billing date. If you find yourself in a situation where you are unable to pay in full within that period, please call the PUD to make arrangements to avoid disconnection.

Reminder notices are mailed 7 calendar days beyond the due date. A $10 fee is added to accounts 16 days after due date. Service will be disconnected on the date listed on the final and disconnect notices, or 45 days from the bill date.

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