Electric Conservation

Saving energy helps you save money, preserve our energy resources and protect the environment. That’s why we offer information, rebates and incentives to help you make smart energy-use choices.

Conservation Tips

Rebate Program

Skamania PUD’s Residential Energy Efficiency Program includes rebates for qualifying Energy Star® appliances, lighting, insulation, heating and air conditioning, duct sealing, blower door guided air sealing, windows, and new Energy Star® Manufactured Homes. Questions about energy efficiency in your home? Call (888) 883-9879.

For all current Residential and Non-Residential rebate forms, please visit the Skamania Rebates webpage.

Free Home Energy Audit

Learn how to make your home energy efficient. Call (888) 883-9879 to schedule a free home energy audit. This audit can identify ways you can save electricity and money with rebate programs for residential upgrades and make your home more comfortable.

Electricity Consumption Calculator

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