Outage Center


Though Skamania PUD’s electric system is designed to be as reliable as possible, power interruptions do occur.

Skamania PUD’s electric system is protected with fuses and circuit breakers much like a home’s electric system, except many of Skamania PUD’s circuit breakers automatically reset themselves after a brief outage.

Outages may occur due to:

  • Lightning strikes
  • Snow and ice
  • Wind blowing trees or limbs onto lines
  • Accidents such as a car hitting a power pole
  • Someone digging into a buried cable
  • Squirrels climbing on transformers
  • Equipment failures

Report an Outage on SmartHub

For instructions to report a power outage from the SmartHub app, visit the How to Report an Outage from the SmartHub App (PDF).

Call in to Report an Outage

To report an outage day or night call (800) 922-5329 or (509) 427-5126. Skamania Public Utility District (PUD) line crews are on call around the clock to quickly restore power in the event of an outage.

Before You Call, Check

  • Is your whole house out of power?
  • Do you have tripped circuit breakers or blown fuses in your service panel?
  • Are your neighbors out of power?
  • Look outside for any of the following: tree limb on a power line or street lights out

Note: If you live in a manufactured home, also check your service entrance breaker underneath the meter to see if you have a tripped circuit breaker (to reset first pull the circuit breaker down and then back up and repeat once if necessary)

Report the Following

After You Have Reported an Outage

Skamania PUD Outage Announcements

In the event Skamania PUD needs to schedule an outage for maintenance or repair, phone calls will be made to the affected customers in as advance as possible.

When a system-wide emergency or storm outage occurs, website and social media announcements and updates will be made as frequently as possible.