Electric Line Extensions

Small Works Roster Excavators 05/2023
Alder Excavating, LLCDarren MortensonWashougal, WA(360) 518-7834Email Alder Excavating
Artistic Excavation, LLCAaron KrepsWhite Salmon, WA(541) 490-6780Email Aaron
Email Rachel
B&G Excavation and Plumbing, LLCDamascus, OR(503) 761-2038Email Bob
B&M ExcavationBrandon CampbellCarson, WA(541) 400-1471Email Brandon
Chamness Dirt WorksRon ChamnessHood River, OR(541) 490-0969Email Chamness Dirt Works
City Electric CoAndy MunonioRidgefield, WA(971) 222-9669Email Andy
Columbia Gorge Customs, LLCCaleb MaxwellStevenson, WA3(360)624-3101Email Columbus Gorge
Columbia Gorge Excavation, LLCShane CornishStevenson, WA3(916) 805-1494Columbia Gorge Excavation
Coogan Excavation & Logging, LLCEd CooganNorth Bonneville, WA(503)661-5093Email Coogan Excavation
Dirt & Aggregate Interchange, Inc.Henry H. PelfreyFairview, OR(360) 360-5070Email Dirt & Aggregate Interchange
Elk Ridge Custom Homes, Inc.Dan LeSieurCamas, WA(509) 427-5864Email Elk Ridge Custom
Fred Newman LoggingFred NewmanCarson, WA(360) 518-7834Email Fred Newman
Haag & Shaw Inc.Travis Mansur
Doug Ziegler
Washougal, WA(360) 834-2514Email Travis
Email Doug
Invision II, LLCColby BennettStevenson, WA(503) 720-8778Email Invision
J&R Dirt Diggers Ent IncRick EsteyHusum, WA(541)490-0077Email J and Dirt Diggers
Jay Holtmann, IncJay HoltmannWhite Salmon, WA(509) 637-0204Email Jay
JJ Quality ConcreteJason CarlsonStevenson, WA(360) 607-3485Email Jason Carlson
LKE CorporationKim ErionWashougal, WA(360) 837-1700Email Kim
M&M Excavating LLCPaul VanLaarHood River, OR(541) 308-0880Email Paul
Magnum Power, LLCJacqui CockerillCastle Rock, WA(360) 967-2180Email Magnum Power
McNealy Excavating, IncChris McNealyWahougal, WA(360)518-2536Email McNealy

Email Chris
Michael Green Construction, Inc.Mike GreenWashougal, WA(360) 518-1476Email Michael Green
North Fork Excavating, Inc.Bryan HalmeWoodland, WA(360) 263-8982Email North Fork Excavating
NW Construction General Contracting, Inc.Dawn SweetBattleground, WA(360) 263-8982Email Dawn
Palouse Power, LLCJeff ZimmerQuincy, WA(509) 237-8817Email Palouse Power
Sark Point, Inc.Garret SarkinenBrush Prairie, WA(360) 335-5780Email Sark Point
SLE, Inc.Ryan KarvonenVancouver, WA(360) 635-2419Email Ryan
Stabler Backhoe ServiceKurt RussellCarson, WA(541) 490-2621Email Mary Sue
Swofford Excavating, LLCJoe SwoffordWashougal, WA(360) 771-5673Email Swofford Excavating
VanPelt Inc.Shawn VanPeltCarson, WA(541) 490-3807Email VanPelt

Resolution Number 2807 – Exhibit B

Effective April 1, 2023

Extension costs are the District’s total costs for constructing an extension using the District’s standard construction methods, including services, transformers and meters, labor, materials and overhead charges. Costs will be calculated upon payment of application fee and following the estimators on-site appointment. Extension costs will need to be paid in advance of scheduled work. The following fees apply in addition to extension costs.

Fee Schedule

Residential Application
Residential Application Revision
Real Estate Development Application
$100 per lot
Real Estate Development Application Revision
$50 per lot
Commercial Application
Commercial Application Revision
Minimum Charge
Temporary Service
Engineering Study
Cost plus 10% and $500 deposit may be required

Temporary services are limited to 12-months, the District may charge an additional service fee following each 12 month period. Engineering studies may be required for commercial and real estate development utility services.

PUD Service Handbook