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Phone: 509-427-5126
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Planned Power Outages for August & September

Skamania PUD has three planned night outages. Click here for more information.



Outage #1

Date/Time: Saturday Aug. 18th 11:55pm to Sunday Aug. 19th at 6am

Affected areas: Carson, Stabler, Home Valley

Outage #2

Date/Time: Saturday Aug. 25th 11:55pm to Sunday Aug. 26th at 9am

Affected areas*: Carson, Stabler, Home Valley, Mill A, Underwood

*Additionally, North Bonneville and Stevenson will be out of power for approximately 5 minutes at the beginning and ending of the overall outage due to BPA switching protocols at the Stevenson feed.

Outage #3

Date/Time: Saturday Sept. 15th 11:55pm to Sunday Sept. 16th at 4am

Affected areas: Carson, Stabler, Home Valley



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Over seventy-five years ago, in the general election held November 8, 1938, the people of Skamania County created the Public Utility District No. 1 of Skamania County to distribute electricity and water to county residents. Concurrent with the formation of the PUD, the people elected Clement Akerman of District 1, J. Chauncey Price of District 2, and Harry J. Card of District 3 to serve as its first commissioners. Following a year of preparation, the PUD opened for business in 1940. That first year 400 customers were served in and around the Stevenson area. Surprisingly, our customers paid over 3 cents per kWHr in 1940, back when bread was a dime a loaf, steak was 25 cents a pound, and gas was 15 cents a gallon. For more information read the first Skamania PUD newsletter published July 1948.