Are there programs or rebates available to help seniors and others manage their monthly bill?

Yes! Skamania PUD sponsors and supports the following programs: Operation Warm Heart: Administered by Washington Gorge Action Programs (WGAP), this program provides emergency dollars for utility bills to customers in need on a short-term basis. All funds are provided by customer donation, and one hundred percent of the money received goes to help program recipients. Recurring donations and one-time donations can be made by completing the Operation Warm Hart Contribution Form. Home Energy Assistance: This program is available to low-income families and persons of seniority or persons of disabilities who are in danger of losing their heat source in the winter months. Assistance can be provided for almost any heating source, including electricity, natural gas, propane, and wood. WGAP also provides weatherization services. Persons of Seniority and Disabilities: Low income persons of seniority or disabilities may qualify for a special rebate. Further information and forms for these programs can be found on the Home Energy Assistance page.