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Carson Water SystemBrooks Reservoir, Carson

The Carson Water System serves approximately 2800 people in the unincorporated community of Carson and the area extending approximately 3 miles north of High Bridge. The system is served by both surface water and groundwater sources.  Bear Creek surface water withdrawals are treated by the Carson Water Treatment Plant. The Bear Creek source is supplemented by 300 gallons per minute of groundwater production supply from the Industrial Site Well.  The 750,000 gallon Carson Reservoir and 90,000 gallon Industrial Site reservoir provide water storage with system level booster pumping to maintain minimum operating pressures.  Distribution system water mains range in size from 4-inch through 12-inch in diameter.  PVC and steel are the principal pipe materials.

Underwood Water System

The Underwood Water System serves approximately 1000 people and draws its water from Galligan Springs, Shaddox Springs, and Galligan Well. All three sources are either pumped or delivered by gravity to a combined source pump station which delivers water to the distribution system.  The system is served by six reservoirs with a combined storage capacity of approximately 520,000 gallons.  The system is segregated into four different pressure zones.  Within each pressure zone are additional sub-zones created by pressure reducing valves.  Distribution system water mains range in size from 4-inch through 8-inch in diameter.  PVC and steel are the principal pipe materials.

Consumer Confidence Report (Water Quality)

Cross Connection Control Program

In order for the PUD to meet the Washington State Department of Health requirements per WAC 246-290-490, we ask each of our water customers to complete a Cross Connection Control Survey. Customers with more than one water meter should fill out one survey form for each PUD meter on your property. After we receive your survey, our cross connection specialist will schedule an appointment for an onsite assessment, if required.

The utility’s goal is to develop and implement procedures and schedules for ensuring that:

  • We provide safe drinking water
  • Cross-connections are eliminated whenever possible, and
  • When cross-connections cannot be eliminated, they are controlled by installation of an approved backflow preventer commensurate with the degree of hazard.

Please review Cross Connection Health Hazards Brochure for answers to many of your questions about cross connections and backflow information. After you review the brochure and complete the Cross Connection Control Survey, please contact Skamania PUD if any of these situations change or if you have any additional questions or concerns and we will be happy to assist you.

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