Billing Notice

The Clean Energy Transportation Act (CETA) was signed into law on May 7, 2019, by Governor Inslee. This act has a goal of transitioning Washington’s energy to 100% renewable or non-carbon emitting electricity by 2045. It expands energy assistance programs for low-income customers.

RCW 19.405.120 outlines funding and reporting requirements for utilities to expand energy assistance programs. Under its guidelines, priority is given to low-income households with a higher energy burden and assistance can include direct monetary support or conservation measures. Minimum funding levels for energy assistance by 2030 are established within the RCW.

Skamania PUD contracted with a consultant to analyze the impact of CETA energy assistance mandates. The cost of the program mandates will be recovered through an additional charge to customers’ bills. Billings subsequent to April 1, 2023, will include a CETA surcharge in the amount of $1.77 per month. Surcharges collected will go towards enhancing energy assistance programs for low-income customers. This surcharge is scheduled to increase annually as outlined in the Clean Energy Transformation Act Energy Assistance Analysis available on the PUD website. Qualifying low-income households may be exempt from the surcharges.

For further information, please download the Skamania PUD Clean Energy Transformation Act Analysis (PPTX).