Customer Service Policy

Approved by Motion July 20, 2021


The Customer Service Policy has been adopted by Public Utility District No. 1 of Skamania County (“District” or “Skamania PUD”) in the interest of efficiency, economy, fairness, and safety in its operations in the distribution of electricity and water to its customers. The Policies are subject to revision by the Commission from time to time to meet these objectives. These Policies are to serve as a guide to the employees and representatives of Skamania PUD in their contacts with Customers.

The District may refuse to serve loads of a character which are seriously detrimental to other service being rendered or other customers.

Skamania PUD reserves the right to disconnect the electric or water service in the event the Customer fails to comply with this Policy. Services may be disconnected by the District at any time to prevent fraudulent use to protect its property or for safety concerns.

By acceptance of service from Skamania PUD, the customer agrees to comply with the Customer Service Policy. Any person violating any of the provisions of this Policy may be prosecuted in accordance with the law and, in addition to the penalty determined by the Court. The electric or water service of any persons found guilty of violating the provisions of this Policy may be disconnected and the person violating shall be liable for all damage and expenses incurred by the District, including reasonable costs and attorney fees to the extent allowed by law.

It is the customer’s responsibility to know the Customer Service Policy and ask questions if unsure about anything that may apply to you. Skamania PUD encourages and invites public input and participation regarding District rates and policies. District staff is available if you have questions.


  • Applicant: The person(s) applying for service.
  • Billing Period: A billing period is the monthly interval between successive meter reads, normally consisting of 25 to 35 days, used to determine customer’s usage.
  • Customer: End-use consumers of utility service and the parties who will pay for such services provided, which includes any individual, partnership, corporation, organization, governmental agency, political subdivision, municipality, or any other entity supplied with electric or water service by the District at one location.
  • Electric Service: Electric energy made available by the District to the Point of Delivery for use by a customer, irrespective of actual energy usage by the customer. Electric energy is measured in kilowatthours (kWh).
  • Identity Theft: Fraud committed or attempted using the identifying information of another person without authority.
  • Paperless Billing: Customers who log in to their account online and sign up for this service will not be mailed a bill, but instead will receive an email alerting them their bill is available online.
  • Point of Delivery: The point where the District’s facilities are attached to the customer’s electric or water facilities.
  • Rate Schedule: A list of effective rates and charges as established and amended from time to time by the District Board of Commissioners.
  • Water Service: Water service is made available by the District to the Point of Delivery for use by a customer, irrespective of actual water usage by the customer. Water usage is measured in cubic feet (CF).

Customer Service Policy

Application for Service

Application for Service may be completed over the phone or in person at Skamania PUD’s main office at 1492 Wind River Rd, Carson, WA

Upon acceptance by Skamania PUD, the application shall constitute a contract between Skamania PUD and the Applicant(s).

The following conditions apply:

  • Only end-use consumers may apply for utility service; however, Skamania PUD may make exceptions at its sole discretion. Any exceptions must be authorized by Skamania PUD in writing.
  • By acceptance and use of service, the Customer is subject to compliance with all Skamania PUD Policies and Procedures.
  • The Customer is responsible for the payment of any unpaid balance. Skamania PUD reserves the right to terminate any service connection due to unresolved debt.
  • The Customer is responsible for notifying Skamania PUD of a change in occupancy or responsibility for payment of service and is responsible for all services supplied to the premises until such notice has been received and processed by Skamania PUD.
  • Skamania PUD may require valid proof of Customer’s right to occupy the residence prior to providing power, which may include a valid rental or lease agreement or property deed.
  • Skamania PUD may disconnect service upon receipt of a Judgment for Unlawful Detainer from a landlord pursuant to RCW 59.12

Skamania PUD offers an Equal Pay plan (formally called the Budget Payment plan) to residential customers who have had an account with us at the same residence for at least 1 year, and who have a zero balance at the time they wish to enroll in the Equal Pay plan.

Upon the Customer’s failure to pay any account balances when due, or for noncompliance with Skamania PUD’s Policies, Skamania PUD has the right to terminate service until all sums due have been paid and/or any non-compliance with Skamania PUD’s Policies have been corrected.

Individual Liability

Where 2 or more persons join in one application for utility service, each individual is jointly liable. This means each person is responsible for all the financial obligations associated with receiving service and Skamania PUD may elect to collect from any or all such persons. An implied contract for service may exist even if an application has not been completed when any adult has taken up residence at a location where Skamania PUD is providing service. Where a joint account exists, Skamania PUD will bill the person designated to receive the bill or, where there is no designation, bill any person at Skamania PUD’s discretion who is receiving service. Billing one person does not change the joint nature of each customer’s obligation

Effective Date of Service

Except as otherwise provided in a Special Contract approved by the General Manager or Board of Commissioners, Skamania PUD’s rates will be charged, and bills rendered, from the date the utility service is first made available to the Customer.

Rental Properties

Owners of rental property have the option to enter into Skamania PUD’s Landlord Agreement and list all applicable properties.

Landlords that agree to leave power on between tenants will be responsible for usage, basic charge, and any associated taxes per the applicable Rate Schedule, during periods of non-tenancy until Skamania PUD is notified of a change and has had a reasonable opportunity to process the change.

Owners of rental property will be required to pay past due balances they have incurred for any of their rental properties before power will be transferred into their name.

Skamania PUD reserves the right to revoke a Landlord Agreement and disconnect service, should the Owner/Landlord fail to pay any account balances for any rental property in a timely manner or is out of compliance with the Customer Service Policy.

Rental properties where cross wiring exists will be transferred from the tenant’s name into the Landlord’s name. Service will remain in the Landlord’s name until sufficient proof is provided to Skamania PUD that the cross wiring has been corrected.

Cancellation of Service by Customer

To cancel service, it is the responsibility of the Customer to notify Skamania PUD of the requested disconnect date and provide a forwarding address for the final bill. Until Skamania PUD receives such notification and has had a reasonable opportunity to process Customer’s request, the Customer is responsible for all usage charges. The District does not offer termination of services on weekends, after hours, or on holidays and requires a minimum of 3 days to complete the disconnect and final reading (WAC 480.100.128).

Rates & Charges

The 3-member Board of Commissioners is responsible for setting rates (RCW 54.24.080) for each class of service. Notification of pending rate increase meetings and hearing notifications are provided in the Skamania County Pioneer and on the District’s official website.

Rates and charges vary depending on the size and classification of each service. A detailed outline of all rates and fees is available on the website or at the District Office.

Billing & Taxes

The rates established in Skamania PUD’s Rate Schedules, are subject to increase to include additional taxes and/or assessments levied by any State, County, or Federal authority on the District’s properties, real or personal, or on the generation, transmission, distribution or sale of electric services.

The total amount of any revenue tax levied by any municipality, within the area served by Skamania PUD, will be passed on to Customers located within the boundaries of such municipality.

Any such tax or tax increase shall continue in effect only for the duration of such additional taxes and assessments. When cities revise a tax, that revision will become effective on all bills issued after the effective date.

Security Deposits

Skamania PUD reserves the right to require deposits and/or modify deposit amounts and requirements at its discretion to guarantee payment of bills by the Customer.

Security Deposits are calculated as the highest bill for the service address during the most recent 24month period of active service. The minimum deposit is $300.

A security deposit will be required on new accounts if any of the below criteria applies:

  • Skamania PUD is unable to verify sufficient and acceptable credit information.
  • A previous unpaid balance is owed, or a previous account was sent to a collection agency. The previous balance and deposit must be paid in full before service connection.
  • 3 Disconnect Notices have been processed and mailed out within the last 24-month period on a previous account.
  • A history of tampering with Skamania PUD meters or infrastructure exists.
  • A history of NSF or fraudulent payments with Skamania PUD.
  • Other circumstances determined by Skamania PUD to be necessary to ensure payment on the Customer’s account.

Deposits are held for a minimum of 24 months. Upon established timely payment history, defined as no more than 3 Disconnect Notices processed and mailed out within the last 24-month period, the deposit will be applied to the Customer’s account. If the Customer discontinues service with Skamania PUD, the deposit will be applied to the outstanding balance and the remaining amount will be refunded within 45 days of termination. Security Deposits do not accrue interest.

Non-Residential Customers

  • Security deposits for non-residential customers are held for the duration the account is active.

Exceptions for Residential Customers

  • New service applicants with a credit report deemed acceptable by Skamania PUD will not be required to make a security deposit.
  • Customers that have had a past account with Skamania PUD with good payment history within the past 24-months will not be required to make a security deposit.

Earned Deposits

Per WAC 480-100-113 the District may collect a deposit on a current account if:

  • At any time during a 12-month period the utility has processed and mailed out three or more delinquent notices on a customer’s account. An additional earned deposit will be calculated as the difference between the current deposit on file and the highest bill within the past 24 months.
  • The services have been disconnected for non-payment.
  • There is a previous customer living at a residence that currently owes on a past-due account for that service address or meter (or other infrastructure) tampering occurs at the service address.

Per WAC 480-100-113, should the customer be unable to pay the required deposit in full at the time of connection, the District will accept 50% of the required deposit at the time of connection and the remaining balance over no more than the next 2 months, on dates that are mutually agreed upon between the District and the customer. Failure to pay the remainder of the deposit by the due date on the payment arrangement will result in a disruption in service and additional charges applied to the account.

Transfer of Deposit

At the time of account transfer to a different service address, an additional deposit may be required if the historical usage at the new location exceeds that of the deposit currently on file. The additional deposit is calculated as the difference between the current deposit and the deposit required at the new location.

Meter Reading & Billing

Meters will be read, and bills sent at monthly intervals. If the initial billing is less than 7 days in any billing period, the usage will be added to the next regular billing along with a set up charge. Skamania PUD will maintain accurate records of all meter readings for billing purposes, which is conclusive evidence of the use of such electric energy or water by the Customer and the basis for service bills.

If the meter reading has been estimated, it will be clearly noted on the bill. Estimated readings are based on the usage history for that service.

Equal Pay


Skamania PUD offers an Equal Pay plan (formally called the Budget Payment plan) to residential customers who have had an account with us at the same residence for at least one year, and who have a zero balance at the time they wish to enroll in the Equal Pay plan.


The Equal Pay enrollment period is from April to July depending on what area the service address is in.

Payment Calculation

Customers who are on Equal Pay receive a bill every month in the same amount. The amount is based on consumption during the past year then divided into 12 equal payments for the upcoming year.

The monthly payments made on the account in the summer and fall are intended to help establish a credit balance, leading into the higher-usage winter months. At the end of the 12 months, the goal is for the account balance to be zero.

Annual Recalculation

The PUD recalculates the Equal Pay amount every year on the customer’s Equal Pay anniversary date. Customers should contact the PUD office if they have a question about when the Equal Pay amount will be recalculated. At the time of recalculation, the customer account must be current on Equal Pay payments and have an actual balance of $250 or less, or the customer will be removed from the Equal Pay plan and the entire actual account balance will be due. If the Equal Pay account has been paid in advance or has received energy assistance at the time of the recalculation, any credit on the Equal Pay balance will be configured into the new Equal Pay amount and will no longer show a credit.

Making Payments

While on the Equal Pay plan, it is important that payments are made every month. Even if there is a credit account balance, payments need to be made on time or late fees will accrue. Delinquent Equal Pay accounts that are in disconnection status are subject to removal from the

Equal Pay plan. Upon removal from the Equal Pay plan, the entire actual account balance will be due.

Monitor Usage

Because the Equal Pay plan is based off last year’s usage and not current usage, customers should monitor their actual account balance to make sure the Equal Pay payments are neither significantly higher or lower than the current usage. Customers should contact Customer Service with any questions or concerns regarding their account.

Reserved Rights/ Disclaimer

Skamania PUD reserves the right to recalculate an Equal Pay amount during the year if it determines the Equal Pay payments to be significantly out of line with the account’s usage, changing policy or other unforeseen circumstances.

Metering & Billing Errors

The District will refund all over-billed amounts to the customer the period of the billing and/or metering error. Under-billed amounts may be billed to the customer for no more than 24 months prior to the date the error was discovered or billed. The District will allow for payment of the under-billed amount to be paid off over the same period for which collection is being made. This policy applies only to billing errors caused solely by the District. The District will continue to seek full recovery of all other amounts due the District.

Equipment Malfunction

In the case of equipment malfunction it is the responsibility of the customer to notify the District as soon as it becomes known to the customer. Should a meter become frozen or stuck or unreadable, the customer shall notify the District immediately. In the event that a period of time passes, and no usage is recorded or billed, the District will review service history and estimate use for the time period that the equipment was not functioning correctly. No billing adjustment shall be required for meter inaccuracies of less than 2% error.

Payment Information

Bills are due and payable on the due date listed on the bill. All payments are payable to “Skamania PUD”. Skamania PUD allocates payments to the oldest charges first.

Customers opting to use Skamania PUD’s paperless billing will receive notice billings by email and will not be mailed bills. Failure to receive mail or electronic bill delivery does not release the Customer from obligation of payment as electric or water usage have already been consumed by the Customer.

Forms of Payment

The District offers several payment options for customer convenience. Payments may be made by check, cash, cashier’s check, credit or debit card (Visa/MasterCard/Discover) or money order.

Payment Options

  • By mail: Skamania PUD, PO Box 500, Carson, WA 98610
  • By Smarthub App
  • In person/Drop Box: Skamania PUD office located at 1492 Wind River Road, Carson, WA
  • By phone: Call Skamania PUD at (509) 427-5126, option 2 to pay by credit or debit card
  • Online at our website
  • Pay stations (check, money order and cash payments):
    • Washougal Mercantile, 4232 Canyon Creek Road, Washougal, WA 98671
    • North Bonneville City Hall, 214 CBD Mall Drive, North Bonneville, WA 98639
    • Riverview Community Bank, 225 Southwest 2nd Street, Stevenson, WA 98648

Late Fees

Failure to pay a bill in full within 16 days past the due date will result in a Late Fee being charged to the account.

Payment Arrangements

Payment arrangements will be made per WAC 480-100-128 for medical emergencies and during winter months between November 15th and March 15th per WAC 480-100-143. The customer is required to notify the District of their inability to pay within 5 business days of receiving a delinquency notice.

Payment arrangements may be considered on a case-by-case basis. These types of payment arrangements must be requested prior to the scheduled Disconnection of Service day as printed on Disconnect Notice mailed previously. Failure to fulfill the payment arrangement will result in disconnection of service and shall require full payment of past due amounts and a reconnection fee prior to reconnect.

Returned or NSF Payments

Fees & Customers Responsibilities

A returned or Non-sufficient fund (NSF) check or ACH payment received by the District will result in a fee of $35 charged to the customer’s account. The individual will be notified of the returned or NSF check or ACH payment and of the redemption procedure required.

Returned or NSF Payments on Delinquent Accounts

In the event a returned check or ACH payment made on a delinquent account to avoid disconnect for nonpayment, electrical service will be disconnected without further notice and will result in a fee of $75 to be paid in full along with the past due amount on the account.

Returned or NSF Payments on Current Accounts

In the event an NSF payment is for current charges the NSF fee will be applied to the account and payment will be required within 2 business days. Any additional NSF payments from said customer within 12 months will result in the account status being changed to “cash only”. Notification to Customer of an existing debt and possible assignment to a collection agency will be attempted at least 30 days prior to the transfer.

Disconnection & Suspension of Services

Reminder & Disconnect Notices

Skamania PUD will send notice when a bill is past due and assess applicable fees. A Disconnect Notice is mailed 7 days prior to the date the account is scheduled for disconnection.

Failure to Pay

If payment is not received by the date printed on the Disconnect Notice, Skamania PUD will disconnect services. Disconnected services will not be reconnected until the past due amount and reconnect fee have been paid in full.


To avoid disconnection of services, the past due amount must be made prior to disconnect day. If the account remains unpaid on disconnect day, District representatives are dispatched to disconnect services.

If a responsible person is present when the power is being disconnected, full payment can be made immediately to the serviceperson or by phone, plus any applicable fees to prevent disconnect. Per WAC 480-100-128 the District representative will accept payment of a delinquent amount at the service address but will not be required to give change for cash paid more than the amount owing. The District will credit any over-payment to the customer’s account.

Upon disconnect a notice will be left with the customer or at the service address. This notice will state that the service has been disconnected due to non-payment and list District contact information for payment to be made.

Reconnection of Service

Upon disconnection of service for non-payment, the customer must pay the past due amount, and reconnection fee to reinstate service.

Reconnections will be made promptly as possible during regularly scheduled working hours (9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday, except holidays) provided the customer has met all the necessary payment requirements.

Reconnections made after hours are subject to an additional reconnection fee.

Inactive Meters

Property owners will be charged the monthly basic charge for inactive meters.

A Request for Inactive Meter Removal form is available to be filled out for those who wish to remove the service. If removed, to reinstate the service, the customer is required to pay a minimum service fee plus meter expenses in addition to applicable Washington State Labor and Industries inspection fees prior to future re-energization.

Collections of Unpaid Accounts

The District may employ any and all reasonable methods for collection of unpaid accounts, including assignment to collection agencies. Failure to pay the final balance on an account by the due date of the final bill may result in the account being sent to collections and additional fees. Filing fees will equal the charges as assessed by the Skamania County Auditor’s Office.

Interruption of Service

Skamania PUD will exercise reasonable care and effort to provide adequate and uninterrupted service, but will not be liable for personal injuries, property damages or any other loss or damage resulting from interruptions of service due to causes reasonably beyond its control or the result of normal operations and maintenance. Such interruptions will not constitute a breach of agreement for service.

The District will make reasonable effort to notify customers of planned outages but reserves the right without penalty to temporarily suspend service when necessary to ensure safety of the public or infrastructure.

Skamania PUD may terminate or curtail service upon governmental order due to electric or water supply insufficiencies or other reasons beyond the District’s control without recourse to the Customer.

In the event of a water supply shortage, residential water customer will take priority with water service. The District reserves the right to temporarily suspend irrigation service to ensure adequate residential service at no penalty to the District.

District Recovery of Damages

Skamania PUD may bring a civil action for damages against any person who commits, authorizes, solicits, aids, abets, or attempts to:

  • Divert or cause to be diverted, utility services by any means whatsoever.
  • Make, or cause to be made, any connection or reconnection with property owned or used by Skamania PUD to provide utility service without the authorization or consent of Skamania PUD.
  • Prevent any Skamania PUD meter or other device used in determining the charge for services from accurately performing its measuring function by tampering or by any other means.
  • Tamper with any property owned or used by the Skamania PUD to provide services.
  • Use or receive the direct benefit of all or a portion of the service with knowledge of, or reason to believe that, the diversion, tampering, or unauthorized connection existed at the time of the use or that the use or receipt was without the authorization or consent of Skamania PUD.

If utility service has been consumed and not metered, the usage may be estimated based on previous account history or an amount may be estimated by Skamania PUD for a period of up to 2 years.

Violations of RCW 9A.61.050 “Defrauding a Public Utility in the third degree” which is a gross misdemeanor, is subject to referral to the Skamania County Prosecutor for action.

Medical Alert Customers

Customers with special medical requirements may be affected by both planned and unplanned power outages. Needed back-up or stand-by generation is the responsibility of the Customer. The District, when possible, will notify Customers of a planned outage. Customers desiring notification should contact the District to ensure their contact information is up to date. Per WAC 480.100.128 and RCW 80.28.010, a medical emergency does not release the customer from their responsibility to pay.

Billing Disputes or Inquires

In accordance with WAC 480-100-173 billing disputes or inquires shall be directed to a Customer Service Representative. The Customer may present information and documentation deemed relevant to the matter. The District shall gather records for verification and respond to the Customer within 10 business days. If the inquiry remains unresolved, an informal conference may be requested by the Customer and shall be conducted by telephone or in person. Following the informal conference, if the Customer is not satisfied with the determination and wishes to appeal, a hearing with Management may be requested. The hearing will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time. A final written determination will be mailed to the Customer.

The Customer has the right to bring disputes or inquiries to the attention of the Board of Commissioners after following the above process. The Commission meets the first and third Tuesday of each month at 9 a.m. unless advertised otherwise.

General Conditions of Service

In addition to those customer obligations and conditions set forth in District policy or law elsewhere, the District may condition service to any customer based on the terms of this section. The District may deny or discontinue service without recourse to Customer if:

  • A request by any federal, state, or local agency is made to cease service to a Skamania PUD customer whose use violates applicable law.
  • A court order directs Skamania PUD to discontinue service to a customer.
  • A written request, demand, threat of prosecution or actual prosecution is made or initiated against Skamania PUD, its officials, employees, agents or assigns for delivery of service to a customer whose use of the service violates the law.
  • The customer fails to maintain possession of a valid and lawfully issued license by the state of Washington required for the customer to engage in any activity which may be lawful under state law, but constitutes a violation of federal law.
  • Any other legal authority that requires the District to deny or discontinue service.
Customer Responsibility for District Property
  • The Customer will exercise care and take precautions to prevent damage to any District property located on the Customer’s premises, including meters, instruments, transformers, services, and any other equipment installed and owned by Skamania PUD.
  • All such equipment shall remain the property of the District and may be removed at the discretion of the District.
  • In the event Skamania PUD property is damaged because of customer negligence, the customer will pay the cost of repairs or replacement.
  • No unauthorized person will make any connections to the District’s circuits for any purpose and any such act shall be subject to prosecution under the law.
  • According to state law (RCW 70.54.090), it is unlawful to attach to any District poles, advertising signs, posters, or similar objects, which obstruct access or present a hazard to electrical workers. Further, no attachment to any District property is permitted without the express written consent of the District.
  • Skamania PUD will seek prosecution for theft of power, destruction of District property and other violations of law affecting delivery of its services and will pursue collection for its losses, damages and costs related to such action to the fullest extent provided by law.
  • The customer shall not plant trees or other vegetation, nor construct or locate any permanent structure that will interfere with the operation and maintenance of the District's facilities.
  • Skamania PUD maintains line/vegetation clearance within a 10 foot lateral distance from District poles for operational purposes only. From that 10 foot lateral distance customers are responsible for maintaining tree and vegetation clearance near the overhead service line on their property to the service entrance of the home, building or structure. Customers are not allowed to be within or use tools within 10 feet of energized conductors. Therefore, the District will disconnect, at no charge, the service line while such work is being performed to facilitate the work.
  • Customers must give 48 hours-notice during normal business hours for the service line to be disconnected. Customer shall have no recourse against the District for District’s removal of any tree or other vegetation within the 10 foot lateral distance clearance if the District has provided Customer reasonable notice and opportunity to remove such obstructions prior to taking action. The PUD clearance is strictly for the District’s operational purposes and does not relieve the property owner of the responsibility to safely maintain their property.
  • The customer shall not engage in any activity, either grading or filling, which significantly increases or decreases the depth below the surface of any underground District facilities or the clearance above the surface to overhead District facilities. The customer may be required to remove any obstruction without undue delay or to pay the District’s cost of relocating the electric or water facilities. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in termination of service to the customer.
  • If any such planting, construction, or grading over or under District facilities should occur without the District’s expressed written consent, the customer assumes all liability and responsibility for any damage or injury, which may occur as a result.
  • Pursuant to state law (RCW 19.122), a customer is required to provide notice to the District via the Northwest Utility Notification Center (811) prior to any excavation unless exempted. The District will send out locators who will come to your dig site to mark the approximate location of the District’s buried utilities with paint or flags so that you can avoid them. Call 811 for more information.
Customer Wiring & Equipment
  • The Point of Delivery shall, unless otherwise designated by Special Contract, denote the transition from District-owned to Customer-owned facilities. The customer is solely responsible for the maintenance and repair of all customer-owned facilities.
  • Skamania PUD has the right, but is not required, to inspect any customer’s electrical installation before service is supplied or at any later time including the right to require an inspection of the customer’s facilities by the appropriate electrical inspecting authority after a service has been disconnected. The District will not make permanent connection to any service which has not been approved for connection by State, County or City electrical inspection agencies. These agencies assure compliance with applicable codes and accepted standards of construction. In addition, Skamania PUD will not connect services that do not conform to this policy or other applicable District policies, or which, in the opinion of the District, is unsafe. Any inspection by Skamania PUD is for the purpose of determining whether the Customer’s electrical system meets the requirements for providing service to Customer and should not be considered a substitute for Customer’s need to consult an appropriate electrical system expert with respect to Customer’s own system.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to operate service equipment using qualified and authorized personnel, and to adequately maintain their equipment to assure proper working order. Skamania PUD is not liable or responsible for any loss, injury or damage resulting from any failures in the customer’s installation or equipment or from accidents which may occur on the customer’s premises.
  • During routine maintenance activities, Skamania PUD may disconnect service to facilitate safe and efficient system work. To the extent practical, such outages will be scheduled and customers will be notified in advance. During these outage times, customers are expected to protect their electrical equipment, from possible damage. If any such damage occurs, the District will not be liable for any costs of replacement or repair.
  • Skamania PUD strives to provide reliable and consistent service. However, it is recognized that, from time to time, conditions beyond the control of the District may cause service interruptions or voltage, current or frequency deviations to occur. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide adequate protection for their connected equipment, process, or product to prevent damage or loss in the event of interruptions or irregularities. In such instances, Skamania PUD is not liable for damages or losses that may occur.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to notify Skamania PUD, in advance, of added electrical load or change in operation. Significant damage may result to District equipment from unanticipated added load. The cost of any such damage will be the responsibility of the customer.
  • Electrical equipment on the customer’s premises shall be installed and operated in a manner that does not interfere with the District’s delivery system or affect the quality of electric service to other customers. When such conditions occur, the customer causing the condition shall be responsible for providing and installing corrective equipment as determined by the District. Skamania PUD, at its discretion, may take corrective measures at the expense of the customer or may terminate service.
Meters & Metering

Skamania PUD will install, own, and maintain all meters and other equipment necessary for measuring the electric energy or water consumption used by the customer under the District’s applicable rate schedules. The customer is responsible to furnish, install and maintain metering enclosures where required by the District.

Demand meters may be installed on any electric service when the nature of the customer’s equipment and operation indicates that a demand meter is required for correct application of the District’s Rate Schedules.

The installation of additional meters, beyond or in addition to Skamania PUD’s meter(s), are generally provided, installed, owned, and maintained by the customer but must be approved by the District.

The builder or owner of a multiple unit complex must permanently and accurately number and maintain the markings of meter bases or panel covers and the corresponding building units. Until there is full compliance, the accounts will remain in the owner’s name. The owner must notify the District, in writing and in advance, of any change in unit numbering. Any billing discrepancy due to inaccurate numbering of meter bases or panels and corresponding building units will be the responsibility of the owner.

Customer Equipment Failure & Restoration

If an outage occurs because of failure of the customer’s equipment, and such failure is determined to be resulting from negligence of the customer, a reconnection fee may be charged by the District in an amount appropriate to the circumstances and reflecting the applicable costs to the District. An inspection of the customer’s facilities by the appropriate inspecting authority will be required prior to restoration of service.

Unsafe Conditions

If Skamania PUD finds an unsafe condition of the Customers electrical equipment, which could result in injury or damage to a person or property, the District, without prior notice, may disconnect the service without recourse to Customer until corrections are made and approved by the appropriate electrical inspecting authority.

Right of Access

As a condition of providing electric and water service, Skamania PUD shall be granted all necessary permission, rights-of-way and easements over, under, and through Customer’s property and the District or its agents shall have the right to enter upon the Customer's property as reasonably required for the purposes of: reading, testing, maintaining or repairing meters; trimming trees or removing vegetation near District equipment; inspecting, removing or replacing District equipment; and any other activity necessary to protect Customers or the Public from damage or harm. If any District property is located within a locked enclosure or behind a locked gate, Customer shall enable access upon request, and the District may use reasonable means necessary to access such equipment. Service may be disconnected if the Customer does not remove upon request by the District any obstructions that are discovered after services have been connected.

Conditional Duty to Serve

The District shall have no duty to serve any customer in the event of a violation of said customer’s obligations outlined in this Policy, or other reasonable conditions of service imposed by the District.

Privacy Policy & Disclosures


The District respects the right to privacy of our Customers. Information contained in a residential billing file that is personal in nature, such as name, address, phone number, and email will not be disclosed except as defined in RCW 42.56.330.

Disclosure of Private Information

In accordance with WAC 480-100-153 the District will not disclose or sell private consumer information including the customer’s name, address, telephone number and any other identifying information. The District will not release account information including usage and payment history to any third party without the written consent of the primary applicant, spouse or secondary applicant on the account.

Disclosure of Commercial Information

In accordance with RCW 80.04.095, notice will be provided to any commercial customer affected by a public records request under 42.56 RCW. This includes records requests for customer specific usage, financial information, costs, or design information. Under RCW 80.04.095, the affected person must respond to the initial notice within 10 days with a superior court order protecting the records as confidential.

Identity Theft Prevention Program

Skamania PUD maintains an Identity Theft Prevention Program to detect, prevent and mitigate identity theft. The Program shall include procedures to detect red flags and prevent identity theft through appropriate responses to Red Flags.

Disclaimer of Liability

Neither the District nor any officer, employee, agent, consultant, attorney, official, custodian, or anyone else acting on behalf of the District shall be liable, nor shall a cause of action exist, for any loss or damage based upon a release of Public Records if the person releasing the records acted in good faith in attempting to comply with this policy.

This policy is not intended to expand or restrict the rights of disclosure or privacy as they exist under state and federal law. Despite the use of any mandatory terms such as “shall,” nothing in this policy is intended to impose mandatory duties on the District beyond those imposed by state and federal law.

By adopting certain sections of WAC 480-100, Skamania PUD does not intend that it be subject to any laws or rules for electric utilities as defined in WAC 480-100-023.